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Cause and effect

Ever since I was a child I was often concerned with cause and effect. In the first place, why a person treats someone else badly. I never understood that, and I wanted to understand it. I observed a lot, how someone behaved, how someone interacted with another person, etc. Now I still do. I am not someone who makes friends quickly, I first wait to see what happens next. But this story is about healing and health, where behavior by the way (emotion) does play a role. I'm trying to dig deeper here and I'm not doing that on a worldly/psychological level, but from a religious point of view. Gradually you will notice that I see a big difference between that.

Now since 2001/2002 I have become a believer and have immersed myself in this. Before this I was more of an atheist, but I did had some interest in the paranormal. I never pursued this further, except for a few visits to a paranormal meeting, were paranormal people uses their skills to help others. In 2012 I went through my back, purely by negative emotion. I had been suffering from my back for weeks before that, but when I came home and wanted to throw something in the trash, it seemed as if a muscle had snapped. After stumbling briefly, I lay on the ground and could not get up anymore.

The cause had to do with work. I was assigned work that I had just said farewell to a few years before; Sales. I have a sales degree and I was an assistant manager in a shoe and clothing store. But because I came to a different doctrine through faith than that of psychology (which is the worldly doctrine of communication and self-development) I gave up sales. I have also been an assistant manager purely by practicing practical psychology, of which I had a book that I borrowed from my father. More on this later as an explanation for the difference psychological thinking and practicing versus spiritual thinking and practicing.

After that I gave up this negative emotion by looking for and eventually finding another job. After that it went better and better, but it didn't go away completely. Via faith I was pointed to a certain form of cause and effect, which I will discuss in detail later on and which is also the reason for this writing. But first I will continue with this introduction. The result is that I no longer have back problems, except when I have to deal with too many negative emotions. Then I feel the same pain coming back at the bottom of my back.

Here we have 1 cause of getting ill or having complaints: emotion. And precisely emotion cannot be measured by science. How often do you hear of people who have complaints, but where no demonstrable cause can be found in the body? Often the complaints are labeled as 'between the ears'. There is also an explanation for this, which I will come back to later when I go deeper into the subject.

There is no point in curing someone if the cause of the disease is not brought to the surface. People who don't concern themselves with the cause can get the disease again, even if it takes years. For the life of such a person does not change, because he sees the illness as a detrimental coincidence, without thinking about the possible cause of the illness. The way I see it, this is also the problem with medical science. They explain many diseases as a problem in the body that is hereditary or as 'unfortunately'. It can happen and sorry to say, unluckily it has happened to you. But what science can't ignore, is that a disease does have a cause. Unfortunately, with many diseases they don't know what the cause is and therefore they can't find a cure for that particular disease. Only relief/postponement.

Heredity in my eyes consists mainly of the fact that family members have the same traditions, the same way of life and therefore the same cause and effect. (With some people more than with others of course.) I am talking about diseases that develop during the years. Of course, you also have hereditary diseases at birth.

Actually, you can describe the cause of getting sick in 1 word: nutrition.