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First baptism ... then "grace" and "Holy Spirit"?

It caught my eye on Twitter just the other day.
One was asking if it were true that baptism is unnecessary because that is wat is going around on social media and elsewhere.
One of the responses was by someone who believed that unless you are baptized, grace and the Holy Spirit cannot come upon you. That is quite the opposite then the first statement.

Well, it is a lie to say baptism is unnecessary! Baptism - submersion - is an act of immersion, which means that you do away with your old sinful nature/way of living.
But I am not so sure about the other statement. I believe “grace” and “The Holy Spirit” are gifts, not rewards. So, let us dig in to see if the statement is correct, and I have to change my thinking.

A room with cream-colored tiles, lights and a square deep bath that you enter by stairs.

Healing and Health

We have dealt with many deadly diseases, flu’s, pandemics during our human lifetime here on Earth, and who would have thought that during the 21st century we are dealing with another pandemic that controls the entire world? Even more; the 10 deadliest diseases according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are listed here. Stroke is the number 1!

What can we do for ourselves and, eventually, for our future generations to get these numbers down? Most of us say that with a good and responsible diet we can do a lot, but not all of it. But, what if we look at nutrition being more than just food? What if when we realize that emotions are nutrition also we have to deal with? And what about light? Although we need darkness during our sleep, but awaken we need light. Can we see that as nutrition also?

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