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Can Yeshua/Jesus be "The King of Israel"?

Jewish tradition states that the Messiah needs to be a direct descendant of king David and king Solomon. This is according to 2 Samuel 7:12-13.

The assertion is that since Yeshua’s “father” isn’t from the tribe of Juda, and Joseph – who is from the tribe of Juda and a direct descendant from king David – isn’t his biological father, Yeshua, therefore, can’t be the Messiah. Added to this assertion is that Joseph’s genealogy is inconsequent. One goes from David to Solomon, and the other goes from David to Nathan.

Let us take our examination and test if the statement is correct, or inconsequent itself.

Abraham with king Melchizedek, drawing

What is the Temple and when will it be (re)build?

For 2000 years now, when we go up to Jerusalem, we still can't visit the Temple. The Temple is known to be the physical confirmation that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jakob is in the midst of His people. With Ezekiel 37:26-27 in our minds and hearts, we are looking forward to the comming of the Messiah, who will build the Temple.

When someone shows up and being introduced as "the Messiah", and not only did not (re)build the Temple but it was destroyed after his death, then according the prophesies that man can not be the Messiah.

Before we, sadly and mistakenly, jump to the same conclusion, let's find out first what the Hebrew word for "Temple" actually is.

A section of the Tent of Set-Apart Times

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