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  • A picture of the hills of Judea Healing and Health
    19 Nisan 5780 | April 13th, 2020
    Translated: 18 Tishrei 5782 | September 24th, 2021
    ▬ Mark-Jan Koster

    We have dealt with the Black Death; we have dealt with the Spanish flu; we have dealt with the 2009 swine flu pandemic and since 2020 we are dealing with COVID-19.
    Medicines are made/invented so that the viruses becomes controllable, and eventually can be treated like "a regular flu virus”.
    Yet we don't have to wait for this, and we can prevent repetition. How? By proper nutrition ...

  • 2 houses of blocks, standing next to each other. The left is yellow, the right is blue. Source picture: https://www.despreekstoel.be/wonen-je-ouders-dicht-bij-elkaar/ The 2-houses theory. A true or a false theory?
    20 Nisan 5780 | April 14th, 2020 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    I never heard about this theory before, until I saw a video of 119 Ministries, and later on a video of Passion for Truth Ministries.

    To sum it up briefly: It is about the lost sheep of Israel, where Yeshua [Jesus] specifically came for. Mathew 15:24.

  • God’s Name in Hebrew letters, printed in golden letters and placed in the air, where a tough of sunlight is on it. Are we allowed to pronounce the Name of our God?
    8 Tishrei 5780 | October 7th, 2019 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    “No”, is what most of us is being taught. “God’s Name is too holy for us being pronounced. Only the high priest was allowed to pronounce the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob one time a year, during the Day of Atonement, in the Holy of Holies.”

    Others are being taught that it isn’t written in the Bible that nobody is allowed to pronounce the Name of our God, except for the high priest, who was allowed to pronounce the Name of our God just one time a year.

    Reason enough for me to find out exactly what is and isn’t written in the Bible about the Name of our God. I don’t mean what the rightful pronunciation of God’s Name is, because we all have different dialects. I know my dialect/pronunciation is different than most of yours.


  • Yom Teruah_Rosh HaShanah Yom Teruah / Rosh Hashanah
    28th of Elul 5781 | September 5th, 2021 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    The calendar days, months, and years that we place with our articles are from the Gregorian calendar and from the Jewish calendar.

    The Gregorian calendar counts the months and years from the 1st day of its 1st month, which is called "January".
    The Jewish calendar calls the 1st day of the Hebrew First Month - which according to the Jewish calendar is called "Nisan" – “Biblical New Year” and counts the months from this month. The years are counted from the 1st day of the Hebrew Seventh Month - called "Tishrei/Tishri" according to the Jewish calendar. This day is called “Rosh HaShanah”. But what does the Bible call this day?

  • A high priest making atonement in the Holy of Holies Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
    3rd of Elul 5781 | August 11th, 2021 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    This year, according to the Gregorian calendar (which is used all over the world), Day of Atonement will be held on Thursday, September 16th. According Biblical/Hebrew calendar, that day will be the 10th day of the Seventh Month (Jewish: The 10th day of the month Tishrei 5782). But, what about this day? What did our God commanded us about this day and … not to take lightly … does it still apply today?

The antithesis: "Yeshua is the Messiah"

  • A section of the Tent of Set-Apart Times What is the Temple and when will it be (re)build?
    28 Cheshvan 5781 | November 15th, 2020 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    For 2000 years now, when we go up to Jerusalem, we still can't visit the Temple. The Temple is known to be the physical confirmation that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jakob is in the midst of His people. With Ezekiel 37:26-27 in our minds and hearts, we are looking forward to the comming of the Messiah, who will build the Temple.

    When someone shows up and being introduced as "the Messiah", and not only did not (re)build the Temple but it was destroyed after his death, then according the prophesies that man can not be the Messiah.

    Before we, sadly and mistakenly, jump to the same conclusion, let's find out first what the Hebrew word for "Temple" actually is.

  • Abraham with king Melchizedek, drawing Can Yeshua/Jesus be "The King of Israel"?
    13 Kislev 5781 | December 3th, 2020 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    Jewish tradition states that the Messiah needs to be a direct descendant of king David and king Solomon. This is according to 2 Samuel 7:12-13.

    The assertion is that since Yeshua’s “father” isn’t from the tribe of Juda, and Joseph – who is from the tribe of Juda and a direct descendant from king David – isn’t his biological father, Yeshua, therefore, can’t be the Messiah. Added to this assertion is that Joseph’s genealogy is inconsequent. One goes from David to Solomon, and the other goes from David to Nathan.

    Let us take our examination and test if the statement is correct, or inconsequent itself.

It is said ...

  • Bible Matthew 28:19,20a _ A commandment, given to every Christian?
    16 Av 5779 | August 17th, 2019 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you"

  • A drawn baby in a giant diaper, hanging on nothing Three possible birthdates of our Messiah
    30 Nisan 5779 | May 5th, 2019 ▬ Jeannette W.A. Koster

    Among believers it is the most debated topic.
    Why? Because the exact date isn’t mentioned in the Scriptures.

    I know three possible birthdates of our Messiah, of which two are most known and one is less known among believers of Yeshua/Jesus.

    If it were important for us to know when exactly Yeshua was born, it would have been mentioned in the Scriptures. So, not for the sake of importance but to our curiosity, let’s check these three birthday possibilities.

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    Meaning: Instruction/teaching, but is in most Bible translations translated into "law".
  • Moadim
    Meaning: Set times.
  • Antithesis
    Meaning: Refutation of the statement.
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